Comparative Market Analysis

Have you ever been hooked into receiving free home cost evaluations, followed by the continually hounding of Real Estate Agents' phone calls/e-mails, etc?
Most sites want you to contact them hoping to pressure you into becoming a customer. We strive to put our clients' needs first. One such idea is providing a link to a web site, giving you an idea of the worth of your home without the commonly experienced sales hype.
Does this mean what is shown on the web site is what my home would sell for?"
Absolutely not!!
If you are ready to sell or are seriously considering doing so in the near future, it is always best to contact a "Realtor You Trust". Set up a meeting in your home and allow this individual the opportunity to inventory your home. They will be able to suggest some repairs and/or maintenance that may be needed to help with the sale. Then with the aid of the latest sales, pending and available property data in your area, your Realtor will be able to assist you in determining what price will give the best chance of selling your home within the period of time you would like.
What do we get for supplying you with this information?
Happy Customers!!!
Remember us when it is time to sell your home. After all, if we consider your feelings by supplying innovative ideas to you without the commonly experienced pestering of sales people, just think what a great job we will do when selling your home?
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