In Bangkok on a health trip? You should have hotel with big rooms and full facilities

If you come to Bangkok for a health trip or medical tourism, then you should make sure to have adequate accommodation. One thing that you should look for are big rooms and full facilities to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Also, the proximity of your accommodation near to the hospital is a main concern. For example there are several hotels near Bumrungrad hospital that you can choose from.


A big room starts around 45 sqm but then it will only be a single room. Depending on the hotel, rooms of this size are already equipped some features such a fully equipped kitchenette, dining table, cooking utensils, dinnerware, refrigerator, microwave oven and an electric stove including hood. If you decide for a bigger sized room starting around 60 spm, you can enjoy an additional living room for your relaxation. However, a working desk will be included in most rooms but an own washing machine and dryer is a good bonus, that not all hotel or apartments near Bumrungrad hospital offer.


Speaking of the facilities, to have an enjoyable stay for you and your family, you should look out for the best choice. That starts with a swimming pool, ideally on the rooftop of your accommodation. Here you can take a break and take a refreshing swim while enjoying a breathtaking view of the Bangkok skyline. Together with a rooftop pool there is often an associated sun deck, where you can sit back, relax and soak up some sun rays for your daily dose of vitamin D. You might just read a book or play a game, anything is possible.


Something different from a refreshing pool can be a Jacuzzi or sauna in your hotel. In a spa-like environment you can loosen your muscles in the warm water of the Jacuzzi or bring you to sweat and clean your pores in the sauna. Doing some exercise is always good for your health, and ideally if your hotel has an in-house fitness center. Power yourself with some cardio training, do some weight lifting to tone your body or strengthen particular muscles. Do you want to combine exercise and sightseeing? Why not rent a bicycle at your hotel and discover Bangkok on two wheels.