Automated Home Search

Automated E-Mail Home Search
This system is designed to offer you accurate and quick e-mail information on homes listed for sale directly out of the local multiple listing service. Just enter your information on the easy to use form below and then click on "submit". You will receive information on available homes for sale matching your search criteria. For best results, be sure to use
a broad set of search criteria. If you are not receiving your desired results or wish to change your criteria, either call
or send us an e-mail letting us know what changes you wish to make.
As most buyers perform their investigations on the weekends, the updated searches are scheduled to go out every Friday. If your requirements are different, just let us know.
Be assured at we respect your right of privacy. This is why we do not sell or give away any contact information. As with most of our services, you may cancel at any time. As many of us are overwhelmed with the sheer volume of telemarketing inquiries received at home, please be sure to let us know the best time to contact you so our call will not be confused with a telemarketing activity.
And Please...
If you are currently working with another Real Estate Agent, allow them the opportunity to provide this information to you. If they fail to meet your repeated requests, it would seem to be in your best interests to end your current relationship with them and find a Realtor who will. If this is the case, we hope you will give us a try. We are confident we can help.